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Production of a wooden container. Pallets, wooden containers for storage of fruit and vegetables, preparation for pallets.
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Pallet board 1200х1000; 1200х800.
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
180 UAH(5.80 EUR)
Wholesale: 165 UAH(5.20 EUR) from 500 pcs
Pallet board 1200х1000; 1200х800, it is used for bystry production on the basis of the pallet of a convenient container for transportation of loose freights. The pallet board, represents 4(8) boards connected among themselves by face metal loops. Installed on the pallet of the standard size, a...
Group: Wooden boxes for export
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
245 UAH(8.50 EUR)
Wholesale: 185 UAH(6.50 EUR) from 500 pcs
Derevyanny pallets 1200mmkh1000mm
Group: Pallets
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
from 1250 UAH(35 EUR)
Wholesale: 7500 UAH(25 EUR) from 50 m2
The company offers to sale, in Ukraine y for export a thermoboard (an ash-tree, an oak, a hornbeam, a linden) and products from a thermoboard (lining, a floor board, a terrace board.....)
Group: Molded board
Board cut not cut the oak, is clear
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
10000 UAH(450 USD)
Wholesale: 9000 UAH(350 EUR) from 20 m3
We sell a board cut, neobreznuyu.dub, it is clear, 1,2,3,4,5 (M_H).
Group: Sawn preparations
Timber pine
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
5600 UAH(170 EUR)
Wholesale: 4900 UAH(150 EUR) from 30 m3
We make pimlomateriala from a pine, under the order of any sizes. For export and domestic market.
Group: Timbering
Containers for storage of potatoes, vegetables
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
1300 UAH(47 EUR)
Wholesale: 1000 UAH(38 EUR) from 50 pcs
We offer the wooden containers manufactured on our production.- sizes of 1600х1200х1200 (mm) (2,5m3)Containers are delivered at the request of the customer in the collected or sorted look.The box is made of coniferous breeds (a pine, a fir-tree). In the truck of 90 cbm. 120 sets are loaded. (in...
Group: Eurocontainers
The container for storage of apples
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
525 UAH(19 EUR)
Wholesale: 500 UAH(17 EUR) from 100 pcs
The container is manufactured of coniferous breeds of a tree (a fir-tree, a pine). Thickness of a board is 20 mm. On inside the facet is chosen everywhere. It is collected by screw nails. By the individual order production of oak racks and cross a log is possible. A possibility of installation...
Group: Containers for food
Briquettes fuel PINI KAY
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
460000 UAH(150 USD)
Wholesale: 4300 UAH(130 EUR) from 10 t.
Fuel briquettes of Pini Kay differ in the highest heating capacity, the smallest formation of ashes at combustion most less than the others emit harmful substances when burning. The briquette does not involve actively moisture from environment at the expense of the burned planes, thanks to it it is...
Group: Fuel Briquettes
Board Edged lime (Shalevka)
In stock 
130 UAH
Without shalevki bath can not be built.     Shalevka of lime - kind of edged board, which is unique due to its size, namely the ratio of thickness to width. Width of shalevki significantly greater than the thickness. For drying such boards require less effort and much less time than other types...
Group: Wooden boards
Coal briquette of Pini Kay
Not available | Wholesale and retail 
15000 UAH(850 EUR)
Wholesale: 13500 UAH(650 EUR) from 22 t.
The Pereuglenny briquette of Pini Kay is the best alternative to charcoal.It turns out at the expense of a carbonization soft pyrolysis of a briquette from wood sawdust, on the newest models of the EVREUX VP-4 furnace of M.In comparison with charcoal gives bigger heat which evenly extends to...
Group: Charcoal briquettes
Wooden containers
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
350280 UAH(14 USD)
Wholesale: 300 UAH(12 USD) from 300 pcs
Wooden containers for storage of fruit and vegetables. Are made of coniferous breeds (a pine, a fir-tree). The design of the container allows to store production in 8 tiers without installation of additional racks. At assembly only screw nails or screws, and also furniture bolts are applied. In...
Group: Containers
Wooden boxes for vegetables
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
450 UAH(20 EUR)
Wholesale: 360 UAH(18 EUR) from 100 pcs
The container is made of softwood (spruce, pine). Board thickness 20 mm. On the inner side of all selected chamfer. Assembled with screw nails. Under the individual order is possible to manufacture oak uprights and cross-lag. Ability to 8 tiers without additional shelves. When shipped...
Group: Wooden boxes


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